Athens Metro connects the airport with main places in Athens including Syntagma and Monastiraki (blue line, metro map). The trip from Airport to Monastiraki take 40 minutes. You can further change metro line to go up to Piraeus port or elsewhere. The metro departs from the airport every 30' min. A one-way ticket for one person costs 10 Euro. There are also group tickets: two persons ticket 18 Euro, three persons ticket 24 euro. There is also a Tourist Ticket valid for 3 days for all public trasport including your transfer from and to the airport by metro. The price for Athens tourist ticket is 24 Euro

Metro to Piraeus Port

The metro is available between 06:30 in the morning till 23:30 in the evening. It lives from Athens airport metro station every 30 minutes. The trip from Athens airport to the centre of Athens (Syntagma station) takes 40 minutes.

Departure times: 06:33, 07:03, 07:33, 08:03, 08:33, 09:03, 09:33, 10:03, 10:33, 11:03, 11:33, 12:03, 12:33, 13:03, 13:33, 14:03, 14:33, 15:03, 15:33, 16:03, 16:33, 17:03, 17:33, 18:03, 18:33, 19:03, 19:33, 20:03, 20:33, 21:03, 21:33, 22:03, 22:33, 23:03, 23:33.

There are different types of tickets for Athens Metro:

  • Ticket for one person (one-way): 10 Euro
  • Ticket for one person (with return): 18 Euro
  • Tourist Ticket valid for 3 days for Buses, Tram and Metro including airport transfer:24 Euro
  • Ticket for 2 persons (one-way only): 18 Euro
  • Ticket for 3 persons (one-way only): 24 Euro
  • Reduced ticket (students age 25-, age 6-18, age 65+): 5 Euro
  • Children up to 6 years old: Free

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Metro to downtown Athens

When you arrive at Monastiraki station you get of to wagon and change metro line. You get to the line that ends to Piraeus (green line). The trip from Athens airport to Monastiraki takes 40 minutes. Then you will need another 30 minutes to Piraeus Port.